Amsterdam BrewHouse

Picture of accessible interior

245 Queens Quay West, South Building, Toronto, ON M5J 2K9

Call for reservations: (416) 504-1020

Thank goodness this 14,000 square foot brewpub is accessible- perfect destination for any local or tourist when visiting Toronto's Harbourfront. Amsterdam BrewHouse features a huge bar/lounge, a dining room, several patios, a working craft brewery AND a retail store. Executive chef Avaughn Wells has developed a menu of dishes designed to pair with specific Amsterdam beers. The on-site brewing is overseen by Iain McOustra and the full range of Amsterdam brands are available in the restaurant and retail store.

The restaurant is accessed through 2 large doors at the entrance with an automatic button available. Unfortunately, when I visited it was not working. Lets get that fixed Amsterdam BrewHouse!

Indoors you have your pick with the abundance of tables available that are all easily accessed. Wide pathways wrap around the bar and dining areas. No level changes, but the parameter is lined with carpet. There is no elevator access to the tables on the second floor.

The public washrooms have a wheelchair accessible stall in each. All entrance ways are 34 inches wide. Within the stall, there are 2 grab bars and 25 inches in front of the toilet. There is a hanging sink 29 inches from the floor with automatic features.

Currently there is heavy construction along Queens Quay which renders this location almost inaccessible by transit. I would highly recommend driving and parking along the street or in the underground parking right in front.