Hot & Spicy- CLOSED


226 Queen Street W. Toronto, ON M5V 1Z6

This new Asian fusion restaurant is located on the busy intersection of Queen St and McCaul, however its unobstructed entrance and open concept interior made me stop in my tracks.

There is a visible automatic door opener for the front doors which measure at 34 inches. Large roomy vestibule when you enter and large pathways in between the tables. There is a level change at the back to more seating, but more then enough tables to accommodate on the main floor. No carpets.

Large, private family style washroom topped my experience- 34 inch door with a straight handle, 2 grab bars and 75x75inch space in front of the toilet. Make sure not to miss it in front of the other shared washroom doors.

If taking transit, Osgoode station is nearby and accessible. There is an outdoor parking lot just east of the restaurant or you can try parking on McCaul. Hot & Spicy is barely 6 weeks old and my fingers are crossed that they stick around!