Gilead Café- CLOSED


4 Gilead Pl, Toronto, ON M5A 1H4

Call for reservations: (647) 288-0680

Just trying to find this cafe leaves its accessibility questionable. And then it was the steps at the entrance that burst the bubble of enthusiasm I had built on my drive over. I decided to still go in as the manager had informed me over the phone that Gilead Café was in fact barrier-free, kind of is!

The main entrance is bypassed by entering from the side door accessed from the parking lot behind the building. This door needs to be opened by staff so call beforehand. I was lightly informed by management that Gilead Café customers are not permitted to park in this lot, but this may be a mere technicality as I had no issues on a Sunday afternoon (might want to call the restaurant on the weekdays to inquire). From the side door, you get a nice little tour of the kitchen before entering the dining hall. Several standard height tables line the sleek, bright room with varied space in between for passage.

There are single male and female washrooms, however I would argue that the female one is the most appropriately sized for individuals with mobility devices. All doors are 35 inches wide and have straight angled door handles. There are no grab bars available. In the female washroom there is a space measuring 40x40 inches in front of the toilet.

Please note that reservations are not taken for brunch and waiting seems to be the norm- arrive early!

Ultimately, I included the Gilead Café on my blog based on the great food options and the reputation of owner, Jamie Kennedy. The inviting decor and great service make it a place worth writing about so I will let the reader decide whether the inconvenient entrance and washrooms are negotiable.