Paralia- CLOSED

Picture of large interior of restaurant

1681 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6

Call for reservations (even brunch!)- (416) 698-3456

I was one more non-accessible restaurant away from removing "The Beaches" category from the blog when I was encouraged to visit Paralia (formally called Trinity Taverna) by a friend. What a beautiful, unique place to spend the afternoon- friendly staff, delicious menu, and a jaw dropping interior. I looked at the water feature and thought: Am I still in Toronto?

As soon as you enter, the accessibility of the place is unquestionable. There are large double doors at the entrance with working automatic openers. The vestibule can accommodate large groups of people if needed, but the capacity is so large that I am assuming waiting wont be issue until the summer. Yes, this place has an incredible accessible patio that seats over 200!

Washrooms- located beside the entrance, 2 single stall rooms that are not designated but one contains a urinal. Ha! Regardless, both contain 34 inch doors, a floating sink measuring 32 inches from the floor, 2 grab bars and automatic toilets, dryers and sinks. Interior space approximately 72x80 inches.

The second floor dining area and washrooms are not accessible. All tables on the main floor are standard height with wide pathways to travel. Paralia welcomes large parties, including weddings.

There is free parking in front of the restaurant with 3 accessible spaces for use. You may need to consider paying for parking in a lot next door as I assume parking will not be so available once beach season begins. Public transit? Good luck.