L'Ouvrier- CLOSED


791 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V2

Call for reservations: (416) 901-9581

There is something about this contemporary restaurant that has me perplexed. It is essentially a large concrete room with dim lighting and white tables, but the smallest of details within the space made it hard for me to concentrate on the food. I was so distracted by the little nuances such as the wall of string, florescent pink table, and is that a picture of my grandfather on the back wall?? This was the first time that I found it difficult to capture the essence of the space with my camera so I have included a link to the restaurant's gallery from their website:  http://louvrier.ca/gallery.php

The unique space is conducive to families, larger groups and individuals with any mobility device. The front entrance measures at 34 inches and the second doorway with the curtain is 37 inches wides. There are 12-15 tables available, all standard height. No level changes, no carpet, and a large pathway to the accessible washroom. Even on a busy Sunday morning, it did not feel crowded.

There is a single family style washroom that is 90x70 inches, there is a straight handle to enter, and the door frame is 34 inches wide. There are no automatic features, but two grab bars and a floating sink 26 inches from the floor.

L'Ouvrier is not on the subway line, but I found it quite easy to find parking on the street. There is Green P paid parking 5 blocks west, so not great. The restaurant also does not take reservations for brunch and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

As stated above I am just a huge fan of the restaurant's design and the customer service was exceptional. Although there may be a line up, consider going for brunch just to try the fresh scones!