Granite Brewery

Picture of accessible entrance

245 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P 3B7

Based on the exterior of this local brewery, you would be surprised to know that Granite has hosted several weddings in the lush gardens behind the restaurant and that their beer selection is "Hopping Mad"! I also have to point out that the staff are a bunch of the warmest people I have ever met. Anyway I can vote to have the green and yellow signage in the front updated?

Lets talk accessibility: 2 large front doors measure each at 34 inches and although there is no automatic opener, you can enter in from the Beer Store entrance which has automatic sliding doors. The whole restaurant is one level, however there is a transition into carpet leading into the library and back dining area. The placement of tables in all rooms allow for spacious pathways.

In both male and female washrooms, there is a wheelchair accessible stall. The stalls include an automatic toilet, 2 grab bars, and a entrance measuring 31 inches wide. There are automatic sinks and dryers and a main door measuring at 34 inches.

Free parking is available in the underground parking at the corner of Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant. On both parking floors, there are 2 accessible spots with elevator access to the street. I do want to point out however, that the building's doors are closed on weekends and after 6 pm every night. So, you will be able to park and leave but upon your return you will have to wait for security to let you in. On these off hours, the staff have no issues showing you out through the kitchen where there is direct access to the elevator. If taking transit, the accessible Yonge & Eglinton is an option one block west.

FUN FACTS: All beers and ales are brewed on site. The beer store is open daily and is conveniently located within the restaurant with a separate entrance from Mount Pleasant. Granite has a capacity of 170 people inside and 130 spots on their two outdoor patios, both of which are accessible!