Kinka (formerly Guu) Izakaya

Picture of front signage

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2

Call for reservations: (416) 977-0999

This one was tricky. Guu is mostly accessible, but the low tables and dense weekend crowd could pose challenges. Wheelchair users, care to offer some input?

You enter Guu Izakaya through one heavy 37” door at street level, and are cheerfully greeted in Japanese by the energetic staff.

This busy restaurant has three long tables of communal seating that are each flanked by four removable benches and two removable stools. Each table can seat eight to twelve guests – two or three on each bench and one on each stool. The tables are tightly packed together, so I would recommend sitting on the ends of the table if you use a mobility device, rather than between tables. The table height is 30” off the ground, but the reinforcing edge under the table allows for only 26” of space between the floor and the bottom of the table.

There is 46” route to get to the hallway where the bathroom is located. A completely separate space is provided for Guu Izakaya’s gorgeous accessible washroom with a 35” push entrance and a handle inside the door to assist with closing after. There are two grab bars near the toilet and a clear open space under the sink. There are no automatic features, but paper towels, mouthwash and toothpicks are available!

There were a few carpets to soak up winter slush, but the floor is otherwise clear. There is a small inaccessible second level and inaccessible patio, as well as bar stools around the meal preparation area :( This place gets very loud when it is busy, making it an appropriate choice for dinner with a big group but less suitable for a quiet date.

Parking in downtown core will be pricey, especially because Guu Izakaya is in the center of Ryerson University. Being so close to the university also guarantees poor parking on the street. If possible, take the subway to Dundas Station and exit from the Eaton Centre.

Conclusion: This is a good choice if you’re looking for a fun place to go with friends and don’t mind a busy, rowdy spot.