Real Sports Bar and Grill

Picture of accessible entrance

15 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 0A3

Call for reservation: (416) 815-REAL (7325)

During the Olympics, CBC showed Torontonians celebrating Canada's golden hockey victories in Real Sports Bar and Grill. With the Paralympic games just around the corner, our question was: is this an accessible venue to watch our Canadian athletes compete?

Fortunately the answer was, yes! Real Sports is a spacious venue that has almost as many helpful staff as it does tables. Once entering Maple Leaf Square you will see the enormous double doors that mark the entrance to this eatery. While there is no automatic button, at least one of these 43" wide doors will be propped open for ease of entry.

There are three distinct areas to Real Sports: the front room that hosts its own bar and quieter dining area, the bustling main room where the jumbo screens reside, and a second floor dining area with no elevator access. The floor is clear of carpets in all areas except for a few near the washroom where they soak up the winter slush. Both the front room and main room have easy to navigate wide aisles and array of seating options including: 27.5” standard tables, bar height tables, and booths. There is a small step leading up to the booths so I would recommend opting for the standard tables.

I never thought I’d say this, but the accessible washroom may be my favourite part about Real Sports. This washroom is massive, has two grab bars, an automatic flusher and automatic sink; and a large 36” wide push door with a handle on the inside for easy closing. But wait it gets better; it has a TV in it! Folks, we no longer have to worry about missing a key point in the game to take a bathroom break! The only downside was that there was no automatic door opener to the washroom.

Parking so close to the ACC is bound to be pricey, but at least you’re almost guaranteed a spot in the Maple Leaf Square 900-spot underground parking lot at Bremner Blvd. and York St. Real Sports is located near Union Station, but the ongoing construction could be an annoyance.

All-in-all Real Sports seems like a good venue for cheering on your local teams or watching our Canadian Paralympic athletes vie for gold.