The Firkin on Yonge

Picture of accessible entrance off of Yonge Street

207 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M5B 2H1

Call for reservations: (647) 345-0455

The Firkin on Yonge holds all the charm and coziness of a British pub, but manages to avoid the cramped inaccessibility that can often accompany such a venue. Many flat-screens, a wide drink selection, and a menu full of comfort food to sweeten the deal.

Image of accessible space inside restaurant.

The front entrance does not have an automatic door opener, however it is a wide 36 inches. The sidewalk out front is free of obstructions and the door is at ground level. Upon entering, you're greeted by a sleek elevator that will transport you down to the basement bathrooms, or up to the bright and airy second level. The elevator door measures 37 inches wide.

There are many different seating options on the first floor, from bar tables to booths. However, there are several tables with removable chairs that would be easy to pull up to in a wheelchair. The second floor seems to be the best option for accessibility, though. There are wide passageways, and nearly all tables have removable chairs. Don't worry - there are plenty of TV screens upstairs as well.

Both the mens' and womens' washrooms have accessible stalls with a 35 inch wide doorway. There are two grab bars surrounding the toilet, and toilet paper is easily accessible. In the main part of the washroom, sinks have 28 inches of space in which to pull up under. Accessing the soap dispenser may be the only issue as it seems a bit high over the counter.

Queen and Dundas stations - both accessible - are your closest options if you're taking TTC. No street parking out front, however paid parking is located directly across the street in the Eaton Centre.