Cafe Crepe

Picture of accessible entrance

246 Queen St W, Toronto, ON  M5V 1Z7

Transport yourself to a slice of accessible Parisian paradise at Cafe Crepe, where the staff are just as sweet as their delectable crepes. 

The entrance to Cafe Crepe features a wide set of double doors. There is no automatic door opener. Once entering you're treated to the spacious front portion where the "magic" happens. Going through another 37" open door will place you in the eating area.

The eating area may appear to be a little cramped with 42" wide hallways, especially during peak dining times; however, the extremely friendly and accommodating staff are more than happy to ensure customers are as happy as I am when eating a delicious nutella crepe. The tables are a proper 29" height and sit on tile flooring.

Cafe Crepe has one of the cleanest and pleasant smelling washrooms I've ever seen! The private accessible washroom is located at the back of the restaurant and requires a staff member to unlock, which they are more than happy to do. The room is a good size and features two grab bars, automatic hand dryer, and 28" high sink. The only potential barrier I noted was the small lock on the inside of the door that may be difficult to turn for some individuals.

There is curb-side parking available along Queen West, as well as several nearby parking lots. Osgoode station is located just a few minutes east of Cafe Crepe.

While Cafe Crepe does not officially take reservations, I was told that they are more than willing to ensure you have a suitable table if you call ahead and let them know of any mobility concerns: (416) 260-1611.