Picture of plants in front of restaurant

382 Yonge St. Unit 7, Toronto, ON M5B1S8

Call for reservations: (416) 597-8838

When Madonna moves in next door you must be doing something right. Recently opened at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard, Scaddabush is an Italian restaurant that's big on atmosphere, as well as accessibility. There is a shocking amount of space inside the restaurant and although the second floor isn't accessible there are tons of seating options on the main floor. Tragically I didn't have time to eat during my visit to Scaddabush. However, after hearing that their pasta and mozzarella are hand-made each morning I've already made plans to go back this weekend. The vibe inside was great - really homey but modern and cool at the same time.

The main entrance off of Gerrard is 37" wide with an automatic opener. There's a small ramp just inside the entrance, and all the flooring is smooth cement. There are a TON of seating options on the main floor. Some are bar height, but staff are happy to get you a place at one of the many 29" high tables (calling ahead probably wouldn't hurt). There are private tables as well as long communal-style tables - nearly all of which have removable chairs.

Scaddabush's main washrooms are on the second level, but they've got an accessible single-stall washroom on the main floor. There are two grab-bars by the toilet and the sink is 29" high with lots of leg room underneath. The room itself has plenty of turning space, and although there are no automatic features, soap and toilet paper are easily reachable. Sadly, no automatic opener on the 35" door.

The sidewalk in front of Scaddabush is impressively wide and well maintained. The manager tells me that they will be putting an accessible patio out front when spring comes (if it ever does!). Dundas is the closest accessible subway station and paid parking is available at the Eaton Chelsea across the street.