Gladstone Hotel

Picture of ramp leading to the front entrance of the Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6

Call for reservations and/or inquiries: (416) 531-4635

The Gladstone Hotel is proof that historic buildings can be accessible. A concrete ramp takes you to the 36 inch front entrance. There is no automatic door opener, but there is a small doorbell that guests can ring to be let inside by the concierge.

The main floor of the Gladstone is composed of three main areas: the Café—a restaurant, the Melody Bar—a live music and performance venue, the Art Bar—a small art gallery, and the Ballroom—an area often booked for weddings and conferences. The accessible entrance takes you straight into the Melody Bar, but there are no obstructions to any of the other venues on this floor. Each room has standard height tables and removable chairs, and there is plenty of room between tables to move around.  Event listings for the Gladstone can be found here: Free wi-fi is available.

The very cool accessible washroom is located on the main floor and has the following highlights – 35 inch wide door, two grab bars, 29 inch high sink, an automatic soap dispenser, and a collapsible change table. There is no automatic door opener.

To get to the 2nd Floor Reception Gallery, there is a small, historic elevator operated by a staff member. The entrance is 27 and half inches wide and the total area inside is 45 x 56 inches.

Green P parking is located east at Queen and Albert Street or west at Queen and Dunn Avenue.