The Jason George

Picture of accessible entrance

104 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E1

Call for reservations: (416) 363-7100

With the hopes that spring will present itself soon I decided to highlight The Jason George, a pub with a spacious and accessible patio, and a respectable selection of local and imported beers on tap. While it was difficult to judge the summer patio setup since the tables and chairs were still in storage for the winter, the patio is a fairly good size by Toronto standards.

After passing through the patio and two 38" wide doors, you enter into the cosy looking main dining and bar area of The Jason George. There is no automatic door opener at the entrance but the first door is usually propped open. The tables are the standard 29" height, some of which are even buddied up to a fireplace!

If you wander through the wide carpeted aisles of the east-side dining area you'll see a wheelchair symbol marking the private accessible/family washroom. This washroom is quite spacious, but there is what looks like a closet, 28" in front of the toilet which could make transfers more difficult for some. Some additional features: 2 grab bars, clear open space in front of the 27" high sink, automatic hand dryer, and a folding changing table next to the door. The toilet, sink, and soap dispenser do not have automatic features. The round handle on both sides of the door may be tricky for some to grip, open, and lock.

Unfortunately, King station is the closest stop on the subway to The Jason George which is not accessible. There is a limited amount of curb-side parking, with more parking in a parking garage just West of Church St.