Picture of accessible interior of restaurant

519 Church St. Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9

The Church and Wellesley area is notorious for its lack of accessible restaurants and venues. But wait, there's hope! Located within the 519 Community Center, Fabarnak has gone out of its way to ensure their locavore-themed menu is accessible to all patrons. Boasting that at least 60% of their menu is sourced from local farmers and producers, you can taste the difference.

Picture of accessible entrance to Fabarnak.

To access this restaurant there is a  ramp (1:12) to the right of the 519. Fabarnak is serious about being accessible, noting that they are not shy about cutting locks from bikes if they are chained to the ramp. The two 40" wide doors to the 519 feature an automatic button and lead you to the restaurant, which is on the right. I was told that the three large window panels at the front of the restaurant are often open in the summertime, making the restaurant even easier to enter. The well-lit dining area has a limited number of tables (height: 28"), however this allows for easy navigation as there is plenty of room between tables and a wide aisle in the center.

The accessible washroom by the front counter not only has an automatic door opener, but even has a "push to lock" button! I wasn't kidding when I said the good folks at Fabarnak are serious about accessibility. This large washroom features a folding change table, easy to reach paper towel and soap dispenser (not automatic), and a 30" high floating sink. There are 2 grab bars, but I should note that the grab bar directly above the toilet paper dispenser is not angled and is a little high (36" from floor).

Picture of accessible washroom.

There is street parking available, and there is a Green P car park just around the block at 15 Wellesley St. The closest accessible subway station is Bloor/Yonge, which is about 15 minutes down the road.

Overall, I really cannot say enough positive things about Fabarnak. The staff's warm disposition and eagerness to ensure all patrons have a good experience, as well as their locavore-themed menu and free WiFi, have wooed me into making Fabarnak my new favourite lunch spot.