3030 Dundas West

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Wide pathway displayed in front of kitchen
Photo of 3030 Dundas' accessible entrance.

3030 Dundas St. W. Toronto, ON M6P 1Z3

Call for reservations or event inquiries:  (416) 769-5736

If you are interested in great food, vintage arcades and live music, you have to check out 3030. The name of the restaurant is derived from its address on Dundas West within the Junction district which plays to its cool, relaxed vibe. Combined with an impressive space, this might be my new favorite restaurant.

The main entrance is unobstructed measuring at 34 inches with a large vestibule upon entry. There is no automatic button. Large walkways between tables and to the concert stage span the entire restaurant and all tables are a standard height of 29 inches.

The male and female washrooms are easily accessed in the back with an accessible stall in each, floating sinks 30 inches from the floor and automatic dryers.

Free parking on Sundays make this also an attractive brunch destination, and the $1.50/hr parking charge on the other days of the week isn't bad either. Not accessible by subway.

3030 is extremely family friendly with an abundance of boardgames that children are encouraged to use and bring to their tables as Mom and Dad finish brunch. Most evenings 3030 offers live music or events such as Trivia night! Check out their website for full listings: http://www.3030dundaswest.com/