Picture of accessible entrance
Picture of accessible restaurant entrance.

390 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON, M4K 1P3

Call for reservations: (416) 463-2838

The Danforth is known for its authentic Greek food and Astoria delivers. Their menu is packed with all the Greek staples you would expect to find and the interior of the restaurant has the ambiance to match. Astoria checks all the boxes for accessibility as well! I was really impressed with the managers' eagerness to discuss accessibility - they assured me they would be more than happy to accommodate any customer needs or requests. Situated on the corner of Chester and Danforth, the sidewalk out front is wide and well maintained. The front door doesn't have an automatic feature, but is 36 inches wide and level with the sidewalk.

Picture of accessible dining area.

The main dining room is very spacious and the majority of the 29 inch high tables have removable chairs. A small area at the back of the restaurant is raised with a step to enter, but there are more than enough options on the main level. The flooring is smooth tile throughout. There's a large patio on the west side of the restaurant which will be open whenever this eternity of a winter is over! The door that accesses the patio from inside the restaurant is somewhat narrow. There's a super wide gate to enter the patio from the sidewalk, and that's likely the best bet. All chairs on the patio will be removable.

Picture of accessible bathroom.

There's a single mixed-gender washroom on the main floor with a 36 inch wide doorway. The room itself is fairly spacious, and grab bars are located next to the toilet. No automatic features, but toilet paper, paper towel and soap are all easily accessed. The sink has 30 inches of clearance below.

It's too bad Chester Station isn't accessible because Astoria is literally steps away. But the accessible Broadview  and Pape stations are only a few blocks west or east. There's street parking up and down the Danforth, however it tends to fill up quickly. The closest Green P parking lot is just behind the restaurant, north of Danforth on Chester Ave.