Church St. Garage

Picture of accessible entrance

477 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C6

Call for reservations: (647) 352-5508

If you're looking for a fabulous accessible patio in the Church & Wellesley area, then you just might find yourself at Church St. Garage. The garage-themed interior featuring license plates on the walls, regular karaoke, live music, and themed nights, make me want to come back to experience the wide variety of fun, especially dirty bingo!

The front entrance to Church St. Garage features a short ramp leading to two single 37.5" doors. While there are no automatic door openers, the second door is often propped open and the owner is open to having a door opener installed in the future, along with other accessibility upgrades (woohoo!!!). To the right of the front entrance sits a spacious accessible patio.

There is ample room inside the restaurant for easy navigation. There are no level changes or carpets. The Church St. Garage can hold a large crowd of people with more than a dozen tables inside, all of standard height.

The women's washroom is more accessibility-friendly than the men's as it is more spacious, is private rather than a stall, and has a grab bar. The women's washroom is 66' by 62', plus extra room as the sink area and toilet area are only separated by a 35" door frame as the once separated rooms have now been joined. There is a straight handle to enter the 35" door to both washrooms. The dryer is the only feature that is automatic in either washroom, both are a little higher than I would like. There is one grab bar 35" from the floor in the women's washroom; I was disappointed to note there is no grab bar in the 66" x 60" men's washroom stall.

There is ample curb-side parking along Maitland; there is also a Green P parking lot at 15 Wellesley St E which is just a few blocks away. The nearest accessible subway stop is Bloor/Yonge which is a bit of a hike.