Jaipur Grille- CLOSED

Picture of accessible seating area and hallway.

2066 Yonge St. Toronto ON, M4S 2A3

Call for reservations: (416) 322-5678

The delicious, spicy smell was the first thing I noticed about Jaipur Grille. It truly made my mouth water from the minute I entered the door! Inside Jaipur Grille I was struck by how much open floor space there is. This is rare for any Toronto restaurant but especially for this neighbourhood where things can tend towards the cramped side. The staff I talked to were very friendly and eager to discuss accessibility.

Picture of accessible bathroom.

The entrance to Jaipur Grille is 36 inches wide without an automatic opener. The door is level with the sidewalk and opens into a spacious lobby-esque room where you wait to be seated. You enter the main dining room via a ramp that's approximately 40 inches wide and at a grade of about 1:12. All tables are a standard height of 29 inches and although there are some benches along the far wall, the majority of chairs are removable.

Although the main bathrooms are downstairs, the staff are happy to direct you to their accessible stall at the back of the restaurant. A 24 inch wide doorway leads into the tiled bathroom and two grab bars are placed around the toilet. The sink is 29 inches off the ground, with plenty of space to pull up underneath. The soap and paper towel are both within easy reach.

Outside the restaurant, the sidewalk is spacious and well-kept. The manager tells me they'll be opening an accessible patio in the front sometime in the next few weeks so stay tuned! Since Jaipur Grille is located on a corner, there's a fair amount of street parking in the immediate area - some of it free! There's also a Green P lot North at Yonge & Eglinton but in this neighbourhood street parking seems like your best bet. Accessible Davisville and Eglinton stations are a few blocks South and North, respectively.

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