Dineen Coffee Co.


140 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M5C 2L7

Situated in the Dineen Building, one of the oldest structures in Toronto, Dineen Coffee Co. allows patrons to experience some Toronto heritage while sipping on gourmet coffee; and boy is that coffee good! I consider myself to be a cappuccino snob, so when I say that Dineen made me one of the best cappuccinos I've had in the city, you better believe it's good!

Picture of the bar and accessible seating area.

There are two main street entrances to Dineen, one on Yonge, the other on Temperance street. Both entrances feature a wide set of double doors. The Temperance entrance features an automatic door open. Currently there is a 0.5" level change between the Temperance entrance and the main room. The owner noted that they are in the process of installing a ramp which was supposed to arrive last week; for now I suggest entering on Yonge street. The Temperance entrance also features a beautiful, spacious and accessible patio, a rare feature for the Financial District.

The interior of Dineen is absolutely stunning, featuring beautiful tiled floors and a wonderfully wide aisle between the counter and the 10, 28" high tables. The tables are spaced close together, but it is easy enough to ask for a kind Dineen employee to remove one of the chairs in front of a table if needed.

To the left of the front counter, through a 36.5" door, you'll find not one, but TWO very clean accessible private washrooms. Both washrooms are spacious (36.5" x 85") and feature 2 grab bars, automatic soap dispenser and hand dryers. The 32" high floating sinks have clear open space in front of them. The sink and toilet do not have automatic features.

There is no street parking available in front of Dineen, although the accessible Bay-Adelaide parking garage almost neighbours this coffee shop. Take note that once you take the elevator to the ground level, you will need to take the Richmond St. exit as the Temperance St. exit has a flight of stairs to the sidewalk. Queen station is also a short jaunt away.