Spoon & Fork Plus

Picture of accessible entrance
Picture of accessible interior of restaurant.

865 York Mills Rd #9, Toronto, ON M3B 1Y6

Call for reservations: (647) 748-3675

Spoon & Fork Plus is the newest addition to the very popular Japanese fusion Spoon & Fork chain. The Etobicoke and Woodbridge locations have garnered such a following that it was only fitting that a Toronto location was finally considered. Not only does Spoon & Fork Plus feature all of their fresh favourites, there is also a "Grab and Go" counter for those that need to make it back to the office!

Picture of wide pathway in between booths in restaurant.

The entrance is located off a wide sidewalk in a busy restaurant plaza at the corner of York Mills and Don Mills. There are two, 36 inch doors with an automatic door opener. Indoors, the floor transitions from tile to carpet leading into the dining area. The majority of seating is in the form of a booth, but the walkways are large enough for anyone to sit at the end of the table. There are also a variety of standard height tables along one wall of the restaurant.

Toilet facilities consist of one accessible washroom stall in each of the men's and woman's restrooms. The doorway width is 36 inches. Within the stalls there are two grab bars, a handle on the inside of the door to assist with closing and no automatic flushers. There are automatic sinks and soap dispensers at the sink.

Parking is free in front of the restaurant with two accessible spaces available. Spoon & Fork Plus is not on the subway line,