Virgin Mobile Mod Club


722 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C5

On Friday I went to the Mod Club to check out The Antlers show. The venue is accessible, so I thought I would be an opportunist and take some pictures. Mod Club has a capacity of 700, and it offers killer acoustics and lighting at its general admission live music shows and DJ’d dance parties.

There is a long ramp at the front entrance of Mod Club that takes you to a wide set of double doors with an automatic opener. The accessible washroom is unmarked and located to the left of this entrance. The venue space is straight through a second set of double doors.

Because the venue is a general admission open space, it may be difficult to find a suitable viewing space if you use a wheelchair. Audiences stand at shows at the Mod Club and there is no designated accessible viewing area. There is a small inaccessible second level to the right of the stage and a full bar to the left on the main level. There are hardwood floors throughout the space and tile in the bathroom.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The accessible washroom is large and includes a 30” door, 32” high sink, and one grab bar. The paper towels and soap dispenser are within reach.

Picture of double door main entrance.

The nearest accessible subway stop is Queen’s Park. There is street parking on College Street, a parking lot at the Metro across the street, and a Green P lot a few blocks down at 157 Beatrice Street.

Mod Club’s event listings can be found here: