The Coffee Bar Inc- CLOSED


346 Front St. W. Toronto ON M5V3A4

The Coffee Bar is great for a bunch of reasons. Not only do they have excellent coffee, but it's very reasonably priced for a downtown cafe. I was also a HUGE fan of the decor. Although I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a country kind of girl, something about the cowboy theme is very endearing. The Coffee Bar has managed to hit the perfect mix of modern, rustic and kitsch.

The front entrance to The Coffee Bar is 36 inches wide, and although there's a small threshold, it's less than half an inch and shouldn't be a problem. Once inside there's a clear path from the door to the counter with smooth cement floors.

Picture of espresso bar and cash counter

Although the cafe is spacious, the room itself isn't huge and seems geared more towards getting a coffee to-go. Unfortunately some of the seating options are inaccessible (such as the small loft area upstairs), but the main floor hosts a large communal table  of standard height and removable benches.

The bathroom is a definite high point to this cafe. It's incredibly spacious with a 36 inch wide door. The country/modern theme is continued in here and the facilities are exceptionally clean. The sink is 29 inches high and has soap and automatic dryer within easy reach. 2 grab bars surround the toilet.

Out front there's a small patio that's level with the sidewalk. The two standard height tables each have removable chairs. The sidewalk itself is very spacious and well kept. If you're taking

Picture of accessible washroom.

public transit, Union station is a few blocks to the East. The nearest parking is an above ground paid lot at 380 Front St. W.