Arepa Cafe


490 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON, M5V 2B3

This Venezuelan restaurant has an open, airy feeling thanks to the large garage-style door that sits open to Queen St. during nice weather. Arepa Cafe's main dish is, appropriately, the arepa; a South American staple that's essentially a corn flour bun filled with your choice of filling. Their menu seems to accommodate many dietary needs from gluten-free to vegetarian.

The front door is 36 inches wide and sits level with the sidewalk. Inside the restaurant there is plenty of space between the standard height tables, and all chairs are removable. The floors are all hardwood and although there's a small rug at the front door to absorb moisture it sits flat to the ground.

The main washrooms are located in the basement, but the staff are happy to show you to a single accessible bathroom stall at the back of the restaurant. There are a few items being stored in the bathroom but it's a very large room to begin with so there is still plenty of space. Two grab bars are located beside the toilet (one horizontal and one diagonal) and toilet paper, soap, and paper towel are all within easy reach. The bathroom doorway is 37 inches wide. The sink is 32 inches off the ground and there's lots of space width-wise underneath.

There is a Green P parking lot less than a block away at 15 Denison Ave. There is also street parking along Queen but it can be hit or miss. If you're taking TTC the nearest option is the accessible Osgoode Station.