Pizzeria Via Mercanti – Elm Street  

Picture of accessible entrance.

87 Elm St. Toronto, ON M5G 0A8

Call for reservations: (416) 901-1899

Via Mercanti on Elm has a fantastic downtown patio with shade and sun to suit your preference. This location is truly accessibility heaven. The entrance of Via Mercanti has a long ramp with a gradual incline, and there is a 44” wide door with automatic door opener at the entrance to the building. You must enter through a second 34” wide door to enter the restaurant, which also has an automatic door opener. In fact, there are automatic door openers all over this place – to get onto the patio, to get back inside, to get in and out of the bathrooms, and to exit the building. Awesome!

Picture of accessible interior. Wide pathways, level floors.

The flooring inside is a combination of smooth tile and hardwood floors. All tables are standard height with removable chairs. There are ten picnic tables on the patio, so wheelchair users would have to sit at the head of the table where there is not a bench.

Picture of accessible patio.

There are accessible stalls in both the men’s and women’s washroom. To get to the washroom you have to go down one floor on the elevator. The elevator has a 34” wide door and is 60” by 60”. All of the buttons in the elevator are nice and low. The door to enter the bathroom is 34” wide. The accessible stalls are 52” by 70”, and each have two grab bars – a straight one behind the toilet and an L-shaped one on the side. The sinks are on the high side at 34”, but there is space underneath. Soap and paper towels are high. There was also a separate changing space in the women’s washroom with an infant sized change table and a large counter with a lip that could fit a larger child.

Dundas Station is the closest accessible subway stop. There is street parking on Elm Street and Chestnut Street. Other parking options include the Sick Kids parking garage on Elm Street, the University of Toronto Dentistry Building lot, and a private lot at 117 Elm Street.