Hitch Bar

Picture of accessible interior of bar. Level floors, standard height tables.

1216 Queen St. E. Toronto, ON M4M 1L7

Hitch certainly doesn't have the sprawling, open space of some other places we've reviewed. But what it lacks in space it makes up for in character. And small doesn't have to mean unaccessible, especially here! A friend and I stopped into Hitch on a rainy Sunday evening, and were pleasantly surprised to find that this cozy little bar holds a regular Sunday "Triple Header Movie" night. Popcorn is passed around and you can enjoy movies projected onto the white brick wall as you enjoy your drink. Other fun events held at Hitch include Monday Trivia Club (2nd & 3rd Monday of every month), Bring Your Own Vinyl Night (every Tuesday), a DJ every Wednesday, and a Mixed Tape Swap on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Although Hitch offers bar snacks and a light menu, the drinks are definitely the star of the show.

Picture of accessible washroom.

Hitch's front door is level with the sidewalk and is 36 inches wide. Inside, there are smooth wood floors throughout. Several tables at the front of the bar have removable chairs, and are standard height at 29 inches. There is a large, communal style table as well that's lined with benches, but the benches are also removable and there is space on each end to pull up to. Although the space is small, Hitch has left a roomy pathway from the front door to the washrooms at the back.

There are two unisex washroom stalls, one of which is accessible. The doorway is 34 inches wide and the room itself has quite a bit of space. Unfortunately no automatic features, but everything is within easy reach. The sink is 30 inches off the ground and there is plenty of space surrounding it.

Hitch also has a small patio at the back which is fully accessible. The doorway to access it is 34 inches wide and the transition is smooth. Table are a bit lower than standard height at 27 inches, with small removable benches.

To be honest, there aren't a ton of accessible options for getting to Hitch on transit - at least not until the new street cars are introduced along Queen. The nearest Green P lot is about 1km away at 1141 Eastern Ave, although there is a fair amount of street parking on and around Queen. But if you live in the neighbourhood - or happen to be passing through - this place is worth a visit!

Picture of accessible patio.