The Comrade

Picture of dimly lit interior of the Comrade

758 Queen St. E., Toronto ON, M4M 1H4

The Comrade, located in the heart of Leslieville, is much larger than it appears from the outside. They specialize in bourbon but they offer a full bar and small menu as well. Comfort food seems to be the theme with items like Mac & Cheese, Tacos, and Banana Bread. The comfort theme is fitting since the interior of The Comrade has a really warm and cozy feel - lots of leather chairs, wood shelving and brick accents. One thing to point out is that it's quite dark inside and those with low vision might find it challenging. Staff were incredibly friendly which only added to the warm and welcoming vibe you get here.

The front entrance is a double door level to the sidewalk, but unfortunately no automatic features. During my visit one of the doors was propped open leaving a 36 inch wide entrance, but by opening both doors this can be widened to 72 inches. Once inside there is another doorframe to go through which is quite roomy at 39 inches. The floor is tile and although there are some rugs throughout the space they are low pile and flat to the ground. Towards the back there are a few bar height tables but the front space has several 30 inch high tables with removable chairs.

The washrooms are located at the back of the bar, and there is a small ramp to access this area (shown in the picture at right). It is a bit steeper than the typical 1:12 grade but doesn't look steep enough to be a challenge. 2 individual stalls (one for men and one for women) each offer plenty of space to maneuver. Doorways are each 34 inches wide. Unfortunately no automatic features but the sink has plenty of space to pull up to at 30 inches high by 30 inches wide. Again, the washroom spaces are quite dark so something to keep in mind if this is a concern for you.

As we've said in previous posts, Leslieville still has a ways to go in terms of accessible transit. Accessible Broadview station is about 2.5km to the North which might work for some. There is also a decent amount of street parking in front of The Comrade on Queen. As well, there are two Green P parking lots nearby at 111 & 136 Broadview Ave.