Hi-Lo Bar

Picture of accessible entrance and front signage

753 Queen St E. Toronto, ON M4M 1H3

Call for reservations: (416) 551-3459

Hi-Lo bar has a little bit of everything - signature cocktails and chicken liver parfait for those feeling fancy, and a reasonably priced beer collection and mixed nuts for those feeling a little more low key. The drinks and snacks at the bar look delicious and I plan on going back soon to try them!

The bar has a paved ramp to enter (ramp slope is 1:8 inches), with a ½ inch threshold. The front door measures 34.5 inches wide, and leads into a spacious area decorated with fun lights, retro arcade games, and vintage concert posters. Most of the tables are bar-stool height, but there are three smaller tables at the back that are regular height (28 inches high), one of which doubles as two-player game of Frog Crossing. The bartender said it shouldn’t be a problem to call ahead and request one of the lower tables if necessary. The staff was welcoming, friendly and accommodating.

Picture of large accessible washroom.

The individual male and female bathrooms are very spacious, with doors measuring 36.5 inches wide, and plenty of room inside. There were no automatic features but door handles, toilet paper, soap and paper towel were all fairly easy to reach. The sink is 30 inches off the floor with clear space around it. The bathroom didn't have a grab bar by the toilet but other than that it was an accessible space. The bathrooms are also elaborately painted, adding to the hip vibe of the bar.

Queen St. E is difficult to access via accessible transit, but there is street parking on Queen St, and paid parking near by (one lot half a block away from the bar on the South East corner of Queen St and Saulter St, as well as a Green P Parking lot at 111 Broadview Ave, just north of Queen).

We want to hear what you think of Hi-Lo bar! What's your favourite arcade game? Do you have any secrets for accessible routes to Queen St. E?

Picture of two vintage arcade games.