Starving Artist

Picture of accessible entrance of Starving Artist

1078 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON, M6E 1A5

Call for reservations: (416) 901-7079

Picture of accessible interior. Wooden tables, black chairs.

I’ve waffled there before and I’d waffle there again. Starving Artist not only makes delicious waffles of all sweet and savoury varieties (not to mention the delicious potato and bacon waffles), but its new location at St Clair West was designed with accessibility in mind.

You are welcomed into Starving Artist through a 35” wide door (no automatic features), with an alternate patio entrance on the West side when the weather is nice. The restaurant has a spacious and brightly sun-lit dining area, as well as a take-out coffee counter - did I mention they have delicious espresso, tea, smoothie and fully licensed bar? The tables are 27” high, have removable chairs, and are separated by 40” of space, with a long shared taller bar table at the north end. The floors are all one level with smooth tile and wood flooring throughout; no carpet. If you are dining on the patio, watch out for the change of levels between the back door and the sidewalk – it may be wiser to enter the patio from the west side entrance.

Starving Artist offers 3 individual spacious washrooms. One washroom was designed larger (100”x80”) with a door width of 36”. Although there are no automatic features, the bathroom has a 31” floating sink with clear open space, and an easily accessible soap dispenser.  The room is equipped with two grab bars by the toilet, and a giant waffle painting for good measure. The two challenges in this bathroom include the round door knob and lock on the door, and the paper towel dispenser being quite high on the wall.

Picture of accessible washroom.

You may be lucky to find street parking on St Clair West or on a side street nearby. There is also a Green P lot off Dufferin, just north of St. Clair Avenue West.  Starving Artist is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm. If you are going for weekend brunch, go early as there is often a lineup for the sweet smell of waffles.