Bread & Bowl

Picture of accessible interior

2 Murray St. Toronto, ON M5T 1T6

Call for reservations or takeout: (416) 204-1177

I was very impressed by this cozy lunch spot that I’m officially deeming a “hidden gem”. Tucked in behind Toronto Rehab Institute’s University Centre and a very short distance from the U of T St. George campus, this place has a fantastic breakfast and lunch menu at reasonable prices for its downtown location.

Picture of accessible entrance.

I tried the pizza while I was in, and their crispy yet chewy crust rivaled that of  higher end pizzeria’s I have tried – definitely worth checking out! Their menu has lots of other options as well, from bagels and fruit to a sandwich and salad bar, to fresh baked desserts. They also have free wi-fi which makes this a perfect spot for a meeting or study session.

The large ramp out front of Bread & Bowl was my first indication that I wouldn’t be disappointed. On the right-hand side of the building is a long ramp with a low slope (it was too large for me to measure the grade but it is certainly less than our 1:12 standard for slope). The ramp has railings on both sides, and leads you to the automatic double doors at the entrance of the restaurant. Each door is 36 inches wide, making a total entrance width of 72 inches when both doors are open. I am told by the owner that there is also an accessible patio out front when the weather is warmer.

Once inside the restaurant, I was impressed by their lower counters at the cash register and salad bar, considering that these counters can often be quite high. At 35 inches tall they may be too high for some, but they are lower than a lot of counters that I have come across so I thought it was worth mentioning. All tables in the space have removable chairs, and the majority of tables are standard height at 29 inches. Floors are smooth tile. One thing to note about this restaurant is that it was fairly quiet when I went in. I visited mid-afternoon when the lunch rush was likely over so it may have been a lull, however for those who find loud, hectic dining rooms to be a challenge, this place might be right for you.

The bathrooms are located down a hall at the back of the restaurant, which is 37 inches wide at its narrowest point, and 42 wide at its widest. There are two individual washrooms, one for each gender. The doorways measure 34 wide and flooring in the bathrooms is smooth tile. The toilet is surrounded by two grab bars and the room itself is very spacious. Sink and paper towel are automatic, while the toilet and paper towel are manual – all are within easy reach. The sink is 29 1/2 inches high with 33 inches of width in which to pull up to.

In terms of parking, you can try your luck with street parking on the surrounding streets. There is also a Green P lot located about 2 blocks away at  205 McCaul Street. Queen’s Park is the nearest accessible subway station. The sidewalks surrounding Bread & Bowl are fairly wide and well-maintained.

In case you weren’t enticed enough, Bread & Bowl will offer a free dessert with the purchase of a lunch meal for anyone who mentions AccessTO! So cash in on this awesome offer and give them a try. And then let us know what you think in the comments below!

We are also curious to know if you find loud, busy restaurants to be a challenge.  Anything else that you look for when selecting a restaurant?