Elephant and Castle

Picture of accessible entrance

378 Yonge Street ,Toronto, ON, M5B 1S6

Call for reservations: (416) 598-4003

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant.

Looking for a pub this holiday season with a fresh winter selection of fabulous sharing appetizers, a large poutine menu, and accessible seating?  Be sure to check out the Elephant and Castle at Yonge and Gerrard and warm up with a tasty soup, a $5.00 pint, or a holiday martini!

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Carpeted floors.

The Main entrance for the Elephant and Castle has a paved ramp to enter from the wide sidewalk. You are welcomed into the restaurant through double doors (each 31” wide) and a second inner door (34”wide) to enter. There are automatic door openers for the entrance, however, the buttons are small and are not the most conveniently located. If entering from the outside, the opener is on the left side, and opens only the right door. The left door can be opened manually for more space. Once in the alcove, the button to open the second door is on the left wall. If you have trouble, don’t worry, as the friendly host/hostess has a button they can access as well to open the doors from inside, which they often do to greet guests.

The Elephant and Castle has multiple seating areas from bar tables, to booths. The most accessible tables are the three at back of the restaurant which are 27” high with removable chairs.  These tables sit on the main level, versus the tables along the window are raised by a 1 foot step with no ramp access. Wide, unobstructed hallways are present throughout the long restaurant leading all the way to the accessible washroom at the back by the old telephone booth décor.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The accessible washroom door is 34” wide with no automatic features. There is a door knob on both sides to enter, so opening and closing the door may be a challenge. The toilet is 17” high, with a 30” grab bar on the side and another behind the toilet. The sink is 32” high with clear space underneath. All the soap, knobs and paper towel amenities are within reach and there is ample turning space to maneuver around. This washroom is also equipped with a baby change station.

If taking transit, the closest accessible station is Dundas. There is green P parking at Yonge and Dundas, or on Gerrard under the Aura building if driving.

What do you think of the seating options here? Have you tried the butter chicken poutine or the holiday martini?