Bareburger- CLOSED

Interior wall art

111 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5G 1C4

Call for reservations: (647)-345-2273

For the past few months I've been waiting anxiously for Bareburger to open its doors, and have been crossing my fingers that they would consider accessibility in their construction. I went for my first visit two weeks ago and have been back 3 times since - not only for the delicious burgers but for their awesome accessibility as well! Their manager even informed me that the staff washroom is wheelchair accessible, and he made sure to point out that this was an important consideration for Bareburger when they were designing the space. For all you burger connoisseurs out there, you will not be disappointed! Their menu features organic and natural ingredients with lots of options for meat lovers, as well as our gluten-free and vegan friends.

Picture of accessible entrance with automatic door opener.

The entrance to Bareburger features two doors, both 36" wide and each with an automatic opener. The front entrance is level with the street and leads into the main restaurant which has smooth tile and wood floors. Although there are a handful of booths, the majority of tables are standard height with removable chairs.

The washrooms were really impressive! A 36" wide hallway leads you to two separate, accessible washrooms. Each has an automatic door opener as well as a push-to-lock feature. (We rarely see these so I was quite excited!) Each doorway is 34" wide, and the toilets are each surrounded by two grab bars. No accessible flush or sink, but the sink offers plenty of space. 30" from the ground with lots of space on either side.

Nearest accessible subway station is Dundas, about 1 block east of Bareburger. There are plenty of Green P lots in the area with the closest one about 1 block south east at the Eaton Centre (Accessed from Bay). There is some metered street parking in the area but it can be hit or miss. The sidewalks out front are wide and well maintained.

Picture of accessible washroom.