Hazel's Diner

Picture of accessible entrance
Picture of accessible interior. Carpets on floor.

3401 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4N 2M8

Call for reservations: (416) 850-0121

I love a good greasy diner for quick, easy weekend food! Hazel's Diner has a great selection of delicious all day breakfast foods including eggs, omelettes, pancakes, burgers and salads. Be sure to check out their daily specials too - I loved the Hazel Hash!

You enter Hazel's Diner from a slight cement incline ramp to a 35" wide front door with no automatic features. The restaurant is a one level diner with booths, tables and a few bar stools. The tables are 28" high and have removable chairs. There is open space between tables, although depending on the set up, there may be a narrow 29" wide passage between a booth and a table en route to the bathroom. There are no level changes in the floor, but currently there are some winter boot carpets to watch out for.

Picture of accessible interior. Standard height wooden tables with chairs.

You will find two single stall washrooms in the back of the diner. The labels indicate that the women's washroom is also the accessible washroom. The men's stall is not accessible. The door to enter theaccessible washroom is 36" wide, with no automatic features. The washroom is equipped with two grab bars: an angled 25" grab bar beside the toilet, and a 35" horizontal bar behind the toilet. The toilet is 17" high. There is ample turning space in the washroom, and the sink is 33" high with clearance space below. There are no automatic features, but everything is within reach.

Hazel's Diner is not extremely close to any subway station, but the closest accessible stop is York Mills Station. There is street parking on Yonge Street outside the diner, and many curb cuts to enter the sidewalk.

Picture of accessible washroom.

Hazel's Diner has 3 locations. There is another accessible location of Hazel's diner at Bathurst and Eglington. There is also a location at Mt. Pleasant that has a 4" step to enter and therefore not accessible. Have you been to any Hazel's Diner locations?  What do you think? We would love to hear from you!