Biff's Bistro

Picture of accessible entrance

4 Front Street East, Toronto, ON, M5E1B2

Call for reservations: (416) 860-0086

Biff's Bistro is a great spot downtown for an after work drink, lunch or dinner. If you are looking for a private dinning room for a small event, this may be a great place to check out. Being one of many O&B Restaurants, I am sure there menu will not disappoint. They have $1.00 Oysters after 5pm, a price fixe menu offering some of their specials, and even offer a bring your own wine service  (for a $25.00 corking fee).

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Wide pathways.
Picture of accessible entrance.

You enter Biff's Bistro from the large sidewalk on Front Street. You will notice a large accessible patio on both sides of the entrance (currently covered in snow, but a lovely spot in the summer time). The two doors to enter are 41" wide, and there are no automatic openers. The hostess/host often welcomes guests and opens the doors. Important to note, there is a 1" lip at the entrance. I asked the manager about this, and she mentioned many wheelchair users are able to enter. Once inside, there are many options for dining.  The restaurant, bar, bathrooms, and one small private dining room are on the main floor, and there is a private dining room on the upper level, which can be accessed from the accessible back entrance. This level, however, does not have bathroom access in the restaurant. Dining on the main floor, the tables are 27.5" in height with removable chairs, and ample space between tables. Moving between the bar and restaurant seating, you will find a mix of hardwood and tile floors with no level changes.

There are two accessible washrooms, one in the men's and another in the women's washrooms.

The Men's Room: The door to enter is 34" wide, and opens outwards, which may be difficult spacing and there is no automatic opener. Once inside the restroom, the accessible stall door is 32" wide, the toilet is 16" high, and it is equipped with 2 grab bars. The sink is outside the accessible stall and is 33"high and 23"deep - with ~10" of clearance below.

The Lady's Room: The door to enter is 36" wide, and there is no automatic opener. Once inside the restroom there is a 35" wide hallway leading to the accessible stall.  The accessible stall door is 31" wide and the toilet is 16" in height, equipped with two grab bars. The sink is outside the stall, and is 33"high and has ~ 10" of clearance below.

There is street parking outside, and the closest accessible subway is union - although I would recommend being mindful of the construction at this time.