Barberian's Steak House

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant. Carpeted floors.

7 Elm St., Toronto, ON M5G 1H1

Call for reservations: (416) 597-0335

You may recall hearing about this Toronto steakhouse in the news a few months ago, when impressive videos of the owner fighting off a robber outside his restaurant went viral! It's clear that the owner takes the security of his restaurant seriously, and I'm happy to report that he also takes accessibility seriously! Part of this restaurant's charm is that it feels like something from another era. It opened in 1959 and definitely has an old school vibe. Usually older buildings have a lot of difficulty with accessibility so I'm pleased we get to include Barberian's on AccessTO.

Picture of interior of restaurant.

The main door of the restaurant is not accessible, as it has a fairly large threshold and is pretty narrow. There is an accessible entrance just a little further along the building, measuring 35 inches wide. Barberian's looks small from the outside, but it huge on the inside! There are multiple smaller dining rooms in the restaurant, with tables measuring 29 inches high and removable chairs. One dining room is more modern and slightly more spacious. I've included pictures of both to give you a sense of the spaces.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The restaurant has an accessible individual washroom. The door to enter is 35 inches wide, and the room is spacious. The door has a large handle on the inside to assist with closing. The toilet has an automatic flush and two grab bars. The sink is 31 inches high, and 20 inches wide. The bathroom also a few useful things like floss and mouthwash available for customers!

Barberian's is quite close to Dundas subway station, which is accessible. The closest Green P Parking lots are located at 25 Dundas St. E., or 130 Elizabeth St. The sidewalks outside the restaurant are fairly wide and clear of obstructions.

Picture of accessible entrance.

A few doors down a new sandwich shop has opened, called TLP (standing for "Three Little Pigs"). It is run by the owners of Barberian's.  I checked this place out too. It is accessible to enter, has a few tables that are 29 inches high with removable chairs and has ample turning room. The bathroom is not accessible, but it might be a good spot to pick up lunch to go if you're in the neighbourhood. The sandwiches are great! I can recommend the chicken club made with peameal bacon! Mmm. 

Have you tried this iconic Toronto steakhouse? What are your favourite old Toronto buildings that have become accessible?