Pastizza- CLOSED


118 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1A9

Call for reservations: (416) 901-9113

Although I'm a big fan of the St. Lawrence Market (and all the delicious food options they offer!) I would definitely recommend wandering next door to Pastizza because they are equally delicious. And their accessibility isn't bad either! Try the Bomba while you're there... tasty and exciting at the same time!

The accessible entrance is just to the right of the revolving door (when facing the restaurant from the street). An automatic opener and 39 inch wide door lead you into the main space of the restaurant, which has hardwood and carpet flooring with smooth transitions. Unfortunately Pastizza only has 2 standard height tables, but the manager assured me these are seated last so they are accessible to those who require them. There are wide pathways throughout the restaurant with easy access to the various areas.

The bathrooms are located through 36 inch doors. Inside each of the women's and men's washrooms, there is an individual, accessible washroom with its own toilet and sink. The doorway to this accessible washroom is 36 inches wide, and there are tile floors throughout. There are two grab bars surrounding the toilet, with a 30 inch high sink and plenty of maneuvering space.

The sidewalks outside are wide and well maintained. There are multiple Green P parking lots nearby, with one directly across the street. Since the St. Lawrence Market area is so far South, accessible transit isn't abundant. Union is the nearest accessible station, located a few blocks to the West.

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