Bindia Indian Cuisine

Picture of accessible entrance with automatic button.

16 Market St, Toronto, ON M5E 1B8

Call for Reservations: (416) 863-0000

Indian food has been a new discovery in my life, and I must admit that I have been trying many great Indian restaurants to make up for lost time. I stumbled upon Bindia Indian Bistro last week while out by the St. Lawrence Market, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was their food delicious (garlic naan - how did I ever live without you?), the atmosphere was welcoming and the space was accessible.

Picture of accessible interior.

When I approached the owners (a lovely family team), they were delighted to be a part of the accessTO community, to help highlight barrier-free Toronto restaurants. They reported many of their customers are wheel-chair users, and they often receive many thank you’s about the accessibility of Bindia.

Market Street has recently been revamped, allowing easy access between sidewalks and street as there are no curbs. Bindia’s entrance is all one level and the 42” wide door to enter has an automatic opener. Bindia is all one level, with flat, smooth surfaces. All the tables are 29” high with removable chairs. There is ample turning and moving space between tables.

Picture of accessible washroom.

The bathrooms are at the back of the restaurant down a short, wide hallway and 34”door with an automatic opener on both sides (although, the opener seemed to not be working when I visited, but have been reassured they are looking into fixing it). The accessible stall door is 35” wide with handles to enter. There is ample turning space in the washroom, 2 grab bars by the 16”high toilet, and the sink is 33”high with clearance below. There is an automatic hand dryer and auto soap dispenser, as well as a manual tap operated by a lever, and a manual paper towel dispenser on the right side.

This brightly-lit, accessible restaurant is a must try if you are looking for Indian food in the St Lawrence Market area. From my limited experience with Indian food, I would recommend going with a group to share many dishes family-style – that seems to be the best way to try all the dishes, and is usually more cost effective too! How do you like to eat your Indian food? What are your favourite dishes?