The Hot House Restaurant & Bar

Picture of accessible patio. Red umbrellas.

35 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1T3

Call for reservations: (416) 366-7800

Since 1994, the Hot House Restaurant has been a hot spot on the corner of Church and Wellington, by the St. Lawrence Market. This restaurant has several seating areas, a patio that seats over 150 people, and caters to every meal of the day, weekend brunch (with live jazz!), and private events. The owners of Hot House are proud to have accessible space, and the employees “always go above and beyond to help” as I was told by a smiling wheelchair user enjoying a meal in the restaurant.

Picture of accessible interior. Wide walkways and dark tables.

Since the sun is out, I will start with the patio information! The patio entrance is on the right of the main doors and has ample space to enter and turn around. The tables are 28”high, and the chairs are removable. The patio is on the concrete sidewalk and is all one level, and it gets great sunshine!

Picture of accessible washroom stall.

The front entrance is off a wide an unobstructed sidewalk. The entrance is through two set of double doors (each ~34”wide) which have no automatic features, but in the summer they are all propped open. As mentioned, there are many seating areas in the restaurant. Some areas are up a few stairs and are inaccessible; unfortunately, the buffet (Sunday brunch and Wednesday evenings) is set up on a higher level. I have been reassured from a server that anything from the buffet can be brought to a table, and the regular menu is always available. There are many accessible seating areas on the main level, with 27-28”high tables with removable chairs and ample turning space and wide hallways. There are some small transitions (less than ½ an inch) between the flooring as the floor changes from tile to wood to carpet in some areas. The private dining room is accessible and the tables can be arranged in many different ways to accommodate various parties.

The bathrooms are all located on the main level, and there is an accessible stall both in the male and female washrooms, and both are equipped with a baby change table. The bathroom doorways have two 33”wide doors to enter. The accessible stall door is 31”wide, and it is equipped with two grab bars: 25”wide behind the toilet, and a 36”wide angled bar on the side of the 19” high toilet. The sinks are outside the stall and are 27”high with clearance below. There are automatic soap dispensers and auto dryers within reach. In regards to the lighting, the women’s accessible stall had dim lighting and the men's was bright.

Picture of accessible entrance.

If coming by TTC, the closest accessible subway station is Union. If coming by car, there is street parking nearby and some green P’s closer to the St. Lawrence Market.

Have you been to Hot House Restaurant for a meal, a drink, or a private event? We would love to hear about your experience!