Melanie's Bistro- CLOSED

1870 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1J4

Call for reservations: (416) 422-1870

Although on the Danforth, this cozy French bistro is a few blocks east of Greektown. Melanie's Bistro is run by a husband and wife team who live in the neighbourhood and value the importance of a barrier-free space. Well at least this is how a friendly woman in a power chair sitting beside me during lunch described the couple :)

The front entrance is off a wide and unobstructed sidewalk. The entrance is a set of double doors with each measuring 34 inches wide. There is no automatic button. Once indoors there is essentially two long rows of tables with a walkway to the single washroom which is accessible.

Picture of accessible entrance

The washroom has a vestibule and each door measures 34 inches. There is a straight handle, 2 grab bars, floating sink and accessibly placed soap and paper towels.

Although Melanie's Bistro is along the popular Danforth subway line, none of the stations within 10 blocks are accessible. I believe driving would be the bestoption here and there are several Green P's in the neighbourhood. Make sure to call for reservations for brunch because Melanie's Bistro takes reservations for brunch!

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