Rhino Bar & Grill

Picture of the large patio accessible from the parking lot

1249 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L5

Call for reservations: (416) 535-8089

The neighbourhood favourite, Rhino comes as a welcome addition to AccessTO as it is located in a not so accessible Parkdale. Rhino has been open for over 20 years and offers over 300 bottled brews from more than 40 countries—Trinidad, Croatia, Ukraine and Vietnam among them. Of course they also offer some great local brands and a sidewalk level patio that helped Rhino make it on BlogTO's "The Best Places to Drink a Pitcher of Beer in Toronto" list.

The main door to the restaurant/bar is off Queen St. west of Dufferin St. The entrance consists of two, 30 inch doors and another two, 35 inch doors. There is no automatic door opener. Inside there are many standard height tables with wide pathways to the bar. There is a step up to the patio, so for access you will need to go out to the sidewalk level and use the small ramp up to the patio.

Fun fact: Rhino offers reservations for their patio tables and brunch!

To use the accessible washroom here, you need to ask a server for the key as they like to keep this room available for those who truly need it. The room is opposite from the front door and has a low floating sink, a 30 inch front door and 2 grab bars (the picture only shows one grab bar as they are awaiting a new bar after recently loosening).

The Rhino is not on the subway line. Parking is mostly available on the street which can get quite difficult later in the day. If driving, try arriving early and grab a spot at a parking lot just one block west.