Young Thailand- CLOSED

Picture of accessible entrance

446 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 3A2

Call for reservations: (416)-920-8424

The Cabbagetown area isn't exactly swimming with accessible locations, so I was very excited to stumble upon Young Thailand while wandering with a friend. The restaurant is bright and incredibly spacious, and staff were incredibly friendly! If that isn't enough, the centerpiece of the room is a wide, gradually-sloped ramp (41 inches wide) leading to the upper eating area and bathrooms.

The front entrance features a double door level with the outer sidewalk. Each double door is 36 inches wide, creating a 52 inch wide entrance when both are open. These doors lead to a tiled vestibule, with another 36 inch wide door leading into the main dining area. The restaurant includes lots of standard height tables, all with removable chairs. Young Thailand would be a great spot to host a larger group -- lots of space! There is a lower and upper eating area with the aforementioned ramp connecting the two. Tile floors throughout and wide pathways between tables.

The accessible washroom is accessed through a 35 inch wide door. The floors are smooth tile, and the toilet is surrounded by two grab bars. No automatic features within the washroom, but everything appears to be within easy reach. The sink is 28 inches off the ground with 37 inches of space to pull up to.

In terms of accessible public transport, there aren't a lot of great options in the area. There is a Green P parking lot one block North at 51 Aberdeen Avenue, and lots of street parking on surrounding streets. Sidewalks are fairly wide and well-maintained outside the restaurant.

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