Picture of accessible entrance of Aria

25 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 2V5

Call for reservations: (416) 363-2742

Looking for a classy spot for a lunch, dinner and/or drinks before an event at the Air Canada Centre? Look no further than Aria.  Aria is a beautiful, modern Italian restaurant with high ceilings, a fabulous patio, and is right by the air Canada Centre and Maple Leaf Square.  They also do private events!

You can enter Aria from inside the PATH in the Telus building, or from outside on York street by Maple Leaf Square. Entering from the PATH you will find a wide entrance with no door and smooth floor transitions into the restaurant. If you are entering from outside, the main door is 55” wide (and take note, that it is fairly heavy and there is no automatic opener) and there is a second door 39” wide that is usually kept open. The restaurant is very spacious, bright, and has high ceilings with beautiful décor. The circle and squared tables are all 28.5”high with removable chairs and benches. There is also 42” high bar seating.

To access the patio from inside the restaurant, there is a 46”wide door with no automatic features. There is a small ½” lip transition from the indoor cement floor to the outside brick cobblestone.  You can also enter the restaurant directly onto the patio from outside through a 55”wide path with no door, near the main entrance. The tables on the patio are 29” high with removable chairs and ample turning space.

To access the bathrooms, you require a passkey from the hostess. The bathrooms are around the corner from the restaurant (within the PATH). Both bathrooms have 35”wide doors with automatic features. The accessible stalls are found within both the men’s and women’s washrooms. The stall door is 35”wide, and has ample turning space. The toilet is 16”high and is equipped with 2 grab bars, 25” and 36”. The sinks are outside the accessible stall in the main bathroom area. They are 30”high with clearance below. There is an automatic faucet accompanied by manual soap and paper towel dispensers at accessible heights.

The closest accessible subway station is Union. If you are coming by car, there is accessible underground parking on Bremner Avenue for $25.00. The elevator from the garage will bring you up to the main floor of the Telus building (near the booster juice) down the hall from Aria.

Have you been to Aria? We would love to hear your thoughts on their accessible space!