Picture of accessible entrance.

2885 Dundas St W., Toronto ON M6P 1Y9

Call for reservations: (416) 901-1559

Every time I venture to the Junction I am reminded what a neat part of the city it is. The few times I have been there have introduced me to wonderful markets, unique historical bars and now this delicious and trendy Italian restaurant. I'm sure residents of the Junction will agree that it is a fabulous part of the city! I am looking forward to returning soon.

We heard about Nodo as it made Joanne Kate's list of top 100 Toronto restaurants for 2015. A pretty big accomplishment! Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat when I went for my review but I will be returning to try out the menu. I am able to comment on the restaurant's accessibility and am happy to report that it is accessible.

Picture of interior of the restaurant. Tiled floors, wide walkways

The entrance to the restaurant measures 37 inches wide. The door is not automatic. This leads to a tiled restaurant with ample turning space. Tables measure 28 inches high with removable chairs.

The bathroom is located at the back of the restaurant past the bar. The bathroom has no automatic features but is an accessible individual stall with a 35 inch wide door. There are handles on the inside of the door to help with closing and clear open space in front of sinks. There are two grab bars by the toilet. The sink measures 29 inches high and 20 inches wide.

For parking there are a few Green Ps near by. The closest one is located at 400 Keele St. There is also street parking. The 41 Keele St. bus will take you very close to the restaurant (get off at Dundas St. W) from Keele Station, which is accessible.

Picture of accessible washroom

What are your favourite spots in the Junction? Are there many places that are accessible in this neighbourhood? Let us know where you would like us to review next!