King's Cafe

Picture of accessible entrance of King's Cafe

192 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L6

Call for reservations: (416) 591-1340

King's Cafe in Kensington Market is an affordable vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of mock meat options and an impressive tea menu! It is open daily and they are always welcome to reservations.

An immediate sign of this restaurant's accessibility is the large ramp in front of the entrance. The ramp is wide and gradual, but in no one obstructing the small patio out front. The front entrance does not have an automatic door opener but the wide door measures at 36 inches. There is a second door that you need to pass that is 32 inches.

Once inside, the tables are spaciously placed and there is plenty of room to access the washroom or small grocery store at the back of the restaurant. It is here where you can take home some delicious mock meat meals :)

All the tables in King's Cafe are standard height with smooth, tiled floors. The washroom is a single large room with a 36 inch door, 2 grab bars, a floating sink and easy to reach soap and paper dispensers.

Transportation to this trendy area of the city can be complicated as street and lot parking is sparse. If you are taking the subway, St. Patrick station is not accessible so Queen’s Park would be the next best option. We would love to add to our accessible vegetarian and vegan restaurant list so please let us know if you have a community favorite that we have not found yet!