Against the Grain (Chorus Quay Location)

Accessible entrance to against the grain.

25 Dockside Dr. Chorus Quay, Toronto, ON, M5A 0B5

Call for Reservations: (647) 344-1562

It has been a while since we reviewed the Leaside location of Against the Grain and we didn't want to leave out this fabulous summer spot with an amazing view of Lake Ontario! Located by Sugar Beach, Against the Grain offers a large, accessible indoor and outdoor restaurant space, a small private dining room, and a fabulous looking menu with daily features and drink specials!

View of the accessible dining room.

The main entrance to the restaurant is accessed from inside the chorus quay building (which has large automatic doors on both the north and south side of the building. The double glass doors to enter the restaurant (both 36"wide) are usually kept open to welcome guests. To the left of the hostess you will find a small, accessible private table room that seats approximately 8 guests. There is a TV screen that can be used for business meetings, and the table is 27"high and the chairs are all removable. This room is accessed through double doors, each measuring 36" wide. The rest of the restaurant is filled with various floor tables, bar tables and booths. All floor tables are approximately 28.5"high and have removable chairs. There is ample space between tables to move around, and the east end of the restaurant can host large groups.

My favourite part about this restaurant is the patio! There is ample seating available on the patio, with all tables 27.5"high with removable chairs. The door to access the patio is 38" wide, or there is an entrance from the south side of the building that is 38"wide. Be careful entering this way as there is a small lip due to a ramp covering up some wires. There is a beautiful lake view from the patio - what could be better? Oh ya, the $5.00 daily beer specials top it off!

The bathrooms are located  by the restaurant entrance. Both the male and female washrooms have accessible stalls equipped with grab bars (30" behind toilet and 30" x 30" L shaped grab bar on wall), 17" high toilets, and baby change tables. There is ample turning space in these stalls and the stall door is 34" wide. The bathroom doors are 35" wide and do not have automatic features. The sinks are 33" high and there are automatic dryers and soap dispensers. In the men's washroom, the sinks are automatic; the women's sinks have a faucet with a handle to lift. Both bathrooms were equipped with mirrors that were at different levels as well!

Although Against the Grain is not close to the subway, you can travel from union via the accessible 6 bus which stops right outside. If you are coming by car, there is parking in the neighbouring George Brown lot with elevator access to the building from the east, or a parking lot outside to the north of the building.

Image of accessible bathroom sink area.

Make sure to check out the daily specials at this awesome restaurant! If you are looking for some live music, swing by on the first Friday of every month. If you are around on a Saturday evening in the summer, you may be lucky enough to catch some tunes from their house DJ!