Café by Kwin


1 De Boers Dr. Suite 108, Toronto, ON M3J 3E5

Call for reservations (647) 3352-5558

Café by Kwin offers all the comforts of an urban cafe, free wifi, homemade baked goods, a variety of hot and cold drinks, and best of all, an accessible space!

This cafe is located on the main floor of a condominium, with an entrance that faces Allen road. Two ramps lead up to the front door, emerging from both the north and south directions. If you enter from the north ramp, you will pass through the patio, surrounded by garden, with plenty of space to move around, and store a wheelchair or stroller. The tables and chairs are all moveable.

The double door entrance yields a 68 inch space, however there is no automatic door opener. Inside, the tables are located along the walls, and the aisle measures beyond 96 inches. The tables are 29 inches high, with removable chairs. The friendly staff would be more than happy to assist in rearranging the chairs or tables to meet your request. There is one universal private bathroom. The space outside of the bathroom door provides enough turning space required by a wheelchair to enter, and the door width measures 36inches wide. Inside, there is plenty of room to maneuver 360 degrees, the height of the sink is 25.5 inches, with an easy to reach soap dispenser. To the left of the toilet there is a non-slip, diagonally positioned grab bar. What would make this washroom perfect, is if all the fixtures were automatic.

Café by Kwin is located one block north of Downsview Station, which provides elevator access. There is free parking behind the cafe and on the first level of the indoor condo parking lot. Unfortunately, there is only one designated accessible parking spot.

Have you been to Café by Kwin? We would like to hear about your experience. What did you think about their customer service? Do they need more automatic features?

~Review co-written by Lorien Bellamy