Picture of accessible entrance of Grillies
Photo of accessible dining area at Grillies.

2632 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1L7

Call for pick up or delivery: (647) 748-1235

Looking for a quick bite to eat or a grab and go in the Danforth and Main area? Look no further than Grillies! With an accessible space, reasonable prices, and delicious burritos/burgers, you can’t go wrong!

The two doors to enter Grillies are 35" wide. There is a small ramp at the entrance to allow access over the 1” lip in the flooring.  The tables are 28”high with removable chairs. The burrito bar toppings are visible at a height of 40”, and the counter to settle up is 40” high.  There is consistent tile flooring at one level throughout the entire restaurant area.

Accessible bathroom at grillies.

The bathrooms are at the back of the restaurant, with two accessible bathrooms, one male, and one female. Although there are no automatic features, both bathrooms have 35.5”wide doors, ample turning space, a 17” high toilet, and 2 grab bars (25” behind the toilet and 30” angled on the wall beside). The sinks are 34” high with full clearance below.

There is parking on the street (Danforth Ave.) right outside the restaurant, and extra parking on the perpendicular streets (Main and neighbouring side streets). The closest accessible subway is Main station.

Make sure you check online for their daily meal deals!

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Picture of the "fresh off the grill" sign at Grillies accessible restaurant.