D-Beatstro- CLOSED

Picture of art in D-Beatstro
Photo of accessible entrance to restaurant

1292 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N9

No phone number; email address dbeatstro@gmail.com

I was excited to review this place as it was recommended as a good option for the blog by one of our readers. D-Beatstro is a funky and modern cafe that is a special addition to the Bloor West neighbourhood! By day, a vegan cafe with delicious treats - I tried a rice crispy oreo concoction which was very yummy.   By night, a comedy or music venue, or private event space. Open since the beginning of the summer, accessibility was incorporated into the design of the cafe. The owner, Jess, also informed me that both physical and financial accessibility are important to them, and that the space can be affordably rented for private events any night of the week.

Picture of accessible interior of restaurant

The space has a temporary ramp to enter that leads into a 34 inch wide door. The owner informed me that as long as it is warm enough, they will keep their doors open to reduce barriers for customers. The floors in the cafe are wood and even. The space is open with various tables ranging in height from 27 - 29 inches.

The bathroom is at the back and the door measures 28 inches wide. There are no automatic features. The sink is 32 inches high and 19 inches wide. There is a grab bar at the toilet. The paper towel is quite high right now and may be difficult to reach for some, but the owner was very receptive of my suggestion to lower it. The bathroom was under construction when I did my review so the photo is a bit dark, but new lighting was being put in soon.

The side walk outside the cafe is spacious and uncluttered. D-Beatstro is located close to Lansdowne TTC station, which is unfortunately NOT accessible! Dundas W station is one stop west and accessible so that might work for some. There is a Green P near by at 695 Lansdowne.

Have you tried out this funky new cafe? Do you have a favourite vegan baked good? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo of accessible washroom