Globe Bistro

24 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N1

Call for reservations: 416-466-2000

Globe Bistro has been a Danforth staple of Canadian farm-to-table cuisine for nearly a decade. Never one to miss outon a good thing (no matter how late…), we decided to drop by and check it out. It was a delight to discover that Globe Bistro offers not only a rotating, locally sourced menu but also a quality, accessible experience.

Spacious dining area in Globe Bistro
Back area of Globe Bistro

When you arrive you will find an entrance that is level with a wide and well-maintained sidewalk. There are two doors to enter the restaurant. Each door is pull-operated with 34” of clearance although Chris mentioned that he, “barely made it through the doors.” The floors are level hardwood throughout, however, we did note two floor mats from the entrance to the hostess stand as we were arriving. Although the second floor and patio are not accessible, Globe Bistro offers a large space and great atmosphere on their main floor. The front dining room is open and unobstructed with wider routes between tables, which Chris felt would likely provide the best option for individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Tables were standard height (29”) and had removable seating. We visited during the day and the space was bright and well lit, however, dinner diners may find it a bit darker in the evenings.

Picture of accessible washroom

An accessible single-occupant washroom is available just off the front dining room. The doorway to the washroom is 35” and is pull operated. Inside provides ample turning space, and features two grab bars and a sink that measures 32” from the floor, and 30” across. Chris noted that there were no automatic features and that, “the soap dispenser was a bit too far.” During our trip the garbage can was also placed against the wall near the sink creating an obstruction for those who need to approach it straight on.

The nearest accessible subway station is Broadview which is located less than a block from Globe Bistro. There is also a large Green P parking lot located just behind the restaurant at 35 Erinvale Drive. Street parking is also available along Danforth Ave. with the exception of during rush hours.

Our overall impression? Globe Bistro provides a great space paired with an accommodating and helpful staff to create an enjoyable dining opportunity for all. Thanks Globe Bistro!