Jawny Bakers

804 O’Connor Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 2S9

Call for Reservations: 416-285-1165

Jawny Bakers was a recommendation from a colleague, Fran Odette, who mentioned she dines there often (and completed the review with me!). I knew I was going to love Jawny Bakers when we were welcomed with a smile into their accessible restaurant.

Jawny Bakers can be entered at both the front and back of the restaurant, however, please note, there are no automatic features at either entrance. The front entrance to the restaurant is at the corner of St Clair and O’Connor Drive. There are two 36″ wide doors to enter, as well as a 1/2″ lip transition to enter. The two doors to enter at the back entrance are 34″ wide with a 1/2″ smooth transition to enter. Be careful when coming from the parking lot as the cement is uneven in front of the entrance ramp – which may have a slightly steep incline.

There are many seating options in the restaurant including 28-29″ high tables and booths with removable chairs. The patio can be accessed from the back entrance. Unfortunately, the patio wasn’t set up on this chilly fall day, however, there are a few accessible entrances to the patio ranging from 35″  to 48″ wide. Typically there are several standard height tables with removable chairs to enjoy the outdoor scene – we will definitely have to go back in the summertime to check this out!  

The restaurant has both wood and tile floor surfaces, and the transitions are mostly smooth indoors. The restaurant can get busy at high peak times, including Friday and Saturday evenings. The noise levels may be higher at these times as there is often music playing on the speakers. The lighting varies between throughout the restaurant. If looking for seating with more natural light, you may consider making a reservation near the large windows at the front. The menu is bright, sturdy, well organized and in a ~12pt font highlighting many food options for the whole family to enjoy! The must try’s are the pastas, salads, burgers and weekend brunch! Jawny Bakers has also recently added a private dinning room that has one long table (26.5″high) with removable chairs that can hold ~28 people. There is a private entrance for this room (36″wide door with a small transition to enter) or can be accessed from the restaurant. 

There is an accessible washroom on the main floor that can be accessed with a key, that is typically hanging on the wall near the back entrance. There are no automatic features in this washroom, however, there is ample turning space, two 30″ grab bars, an 18″ high toilet, a 31″ height sink with clearance below, and the soap and paper towel dispensers are at an accessible height on the wall. The mirror is on a hinge and can angle downwards, and the bathroom is well-lit. The bathroom is also equipped with a baby change table.  We were able to speak with one of the managers, and make a few recommendations regarding the position of the grab bars and the toilet paper dispenser to bring them slightly closer to the toilet.

Unfortunately, Jawny Bakers isn’t accessible by the subway, however, there is a TTC bus stop at the corner.  If coming by car, there is an accessible parking lot behind the restaurant.