Sen5es Cafe

328 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3T4

Call for reservations: (416) 935-0400

Sen5es Cafe is located in the accessible SoHo Hotel. We have reviewed their restaurant Luckee in a previous post – check it out for more information about the space or if you feel like making a day and going to both venues! Sounds like a fun day to me!

Sen5es Cafe is accessible through a few entrances – the entrance through the hotel lobby has ample clearance and an automatic opener. The restaurant doors are typically open during opening hours. There is also an entrance from the street but this door is narrower (30 inches wide) and has no automatic features. 

Tables have removable chairs and measure 28 inches off the ground. There is good turning room in the cafe. The floors are tile and level throughout the space, and the many windows provide bright natural lighting during the day. The cafe was quiet when I completed my review in mid-afternoon but I imagine it might be louder in the mornings during their daily breakfast buffet. 

Picture of accessible interior

The cafe offers a la carte service as well as a breakfast buffet and the option to order at the counter. The buffet may be challenging for some individuals as the counter measured 36 inches high, but I was assured by the friendly staff that they would be more than happy to accommodate any requests and that all buffet items are available on the menu as well.

Picture of accessible washroom stall

The bathroom is part of the SoHo Hotel lobby so exit the cafe to access them. There are accessible stalls in both the male and female washrooms with doors measuring 35 inches wide. There are two grab bars in the stalls. The sink height is 27 inches high with clearance below. Soap and lotion may be out of reach for some. Mirrors are not angled so visibility may be challenging but there is a full length mirror in the bathroom by the exit. The bathroom has no automatic features. 

Sen5es is accessible via the Spadina Streetcars. Parking is available in the hotel (ask for reduced rates for Sen5es customers!), on the street and in a paid lot across the street.

The cafe is a relaxing spot in the heart of busy downtown and I will be returning for a latte soon! Plus, who doesn’t love a breakfast buffet? Let us know if you check out this cafe.

Picture of accessible entrance